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Plants and Pottery
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You made it! Fill out a few questions & be one step closer to closing.

About Me


I am so glad you're here!

I love my job for many reasons, but my clients are, by far, my biggest motivator.

Every client has a unique story, and I consider it an honor to be trusted during this significant chapter in your book - buying a home! I am blessed to have worked with incredibly diverse people in different seasons of life... and they make my job worth while.

The most common compliment that I receive is that I care - which could not be more true. This process comes with a million moving parts, and you should be able to rely on me to answer questions, alleviate stress, and do my job efficiently and accurately.

I will take charge of your vision and work until that vision comes to life. I will be your guide, your voice, and make this process enjoyable & seamless.


If you are a buyer or seller (or anyone else for that matter!) I would LOVE to meet you!

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